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2024 NIKE AIR MAX 90'S

Women's and Men's Nike Air Max 90’s with a colorway curated by cye on Nike’s website. With options for a custom acrylic shoebox with added LED lights for display. The tightening of knots that have been tied between art, music and fashion for thousands of years. The designs of 2024 are made-for-wear and can be ordered in the most popular sizes.

This time around cye has stepped into design with noticeable authority. Taking full advantage of the product customization services on, he has curated this specific colorway with a custom pallet. And under new pressures of navigating the stresses of young success and wealth.. A long-winded journey all in part motivated along the way by Nike's consistent dedication to campaigns advocating for activity and change around the world.

"4EVR (GANG) - EP" is a project set to release from Recovering Child Music directly. Giving birth to a sound that stands alone.. Truly set apart, away from the over-saturation of today's most popular streaming services, "4EVR (GANG) -EP" indicates the breaking-through a threshold set by no one but cye himself. Nike is THE only brand that could possibly stand side-by-side something of this magnitude.. Some of the first music to release following cye's debut album project, "The Keeper", which went live in the last months of 2023. The running theme of this Nike collection pays clear homage to Alice in Wonderland.. in this case the white rabbit is played wonderfully the by “the 90”. The rest of the story is to be told on the upcoming EP..

Sizably impacted by the hip-hop culture that is specific to the 1990's, cye has selected from the entire Nike catalog the Nike Air Max 90. Originally known as the Nike Air III, behold a shoe contesting nearly the longest history of celebrity influence of any other shoe ever made.. And the go-to shoe choice for SO many known as fashion icons since the shoe dropped in 1990. Just as the 90 again revolutionized the impact of Nike's Air Cushion Technology, cye has kept traditions flourishing and has maintained a steady hand in the evolution of the biochemistry of art, music and fashion.

In clear sight, two pastel shades of soft purple dominate most of the surface area falling down the rabbit hole to the inside of the sneaker. An all-white Nike logo gleams against the black backdrop of the inside sole. On the bottom, a gray coating protects the bottom of mild discoloration from transmitting in less desirable locations and rises as reinforcement in gray-colored accents from the Nike symbol to near the laces. Here the clean-slate of white on the laces, tongue and balanced touches to the body of the shoe stand as a testament to the OG 90 design. A parting glance at the back serves an added reminder with an emboldened Nike logo and 'cye' textile imprinted in the familiar color pallet of the "4EVR (GANG) -EP" cover art set to release this year.

Complete with a look-book capturing each relative dimension of the process from start to finish. A plunge into the depths of cye’s creative genius giving light to the incumbent. To cherry the project, exclusive photoshoots of cye and other featured models are found scattered throughout the book. Lace up and meet us at the peak!

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